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Modular Library

This is a Modular building consisting of about 2600 pieces with two floors:

Ground Floor:

This has a library and an art gallery, both with detailed interiors. There is also a hideout for two robbers who want to rob the gallery. In the wall between the hideout and the gallery, there is a hidden door that can fold open, so the thieves have a passage to the gallery. The two thieves, Darren and Nathan, are posing as construction workers and "fixing up" the building. In reality, the only reason they have the ladder there so they can reach the chimney, which has a ladder leading straight into the hideout.

Second Floor:

The art gallery's owner and his wife live on this floor, which is fully furnished with all the essentials, including a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, a dining room, and even a work space for the artist.

This model also includes eight minifigures:
Mrs. Harley (the librarian in the red shirt), Mr. Harley (the old man), Adam (the artist with short brown hair), Lucy (the woman with black hair), Darren (the short robber with a fake mustache, also includes a worker variant), and Nathan (the black-haired thug, also with construction worker variant).

I hope you enjoyed, and if you did, please support, and feel free to comment your thoughts and/or suggestions!

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