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3in1 Candlelight Set With Working Lights

Decoration for any home

A convertible candlelight set with three different setups. The set contains three standalone candlelights and a stand that you can build in three different ways. You can build it as three individual candlelights, in a single + twin setup, or as a whole set with one stand.

Light up your mood!

Real lights provided by LEGO light bricks. On the top of the candlelights you can find a loose tile, just remove it and you can push the switch to activate the heart warming lights. Put the loose tile back to its place and the mechanism remains hidden from the top. (The mechanism is visible from the back.)

About the project

I always loved everything with leds and decoration elements with lights. When I first saw the LEGO light brick, I knew that I have to create something with it. It was my first LEGO project and it was a pleasure to build it! The set is build in real life and it’s beautiful.
The set contains 471 pieces.

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