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The Looney Tunes Show

Enter in the fabulous world of cartoons with the looney tunes show project.

So for this project I recreated a movie set and 3 different scenes inspired by some of the most famous cartoon. I took the best of each cartoon and built colorfull decors like the australian desert in Bip Bip and coyote, the pirate ship of Yosemite Sam or the TV game board of Daffy duck. 
In addition I included lots of accessories, so you have the possibility to personalize the movie set as you want. 
This project includes 3 couples of Characters: Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, Bip Bip and Coyote.
Including in this project a movie set with a camera and spotlights and a pedestal with the logo of the looney tunes show to exibit minifigures. 
The global project contains arround 900 parts.

That's all Folks ! 


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