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Lime Tree Square


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Welcome to Lime Tree Square, the perfect place during hot summer’s days. Under the shadow of an old magnificent lime tree and next to a refreshing fountain, take a break from the hectic lego city life. The ice cream stand is also just near by with a large choice of flavors.

The place has a stunning Art Nouveau building with a lovely little florist shop : Simone’s Succulent Garden. The roof is removable so you can enjoy the large collection of cactus and succulents. The Lime Tree Square attracts many artists who like the beauty and the peaceful atmosphere of the place.

A new modular scenery that would have 2443 pieces and include 7 minifigures and 3 animals (a cat, a bird and a squirrel).

The notable color exception are the green hearts used for the lime tree’s leafs, but it gives an accurate look to the tree. The tree itself is also some kind of bonsai. That’s why I used the I used the "bulk throw" technic for the substrate :-)

Thank you in advance for your support!

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