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Dutch House


This is my new design of a Dutch style house. I have used a 32x32 baseplate and it fits perfectly. This house is a modular building and fits to my other creation of a Dutch house. The brick count is just over 2800 pieces. I have tried to maintain a authentic look for the outside view with a modern interior. All the studs are covered to give this build a clean look.

The outside of this house is built op with 2 layers of bricks for foundation, and the rest is made of green wooden planks. The front is shaped with a stairs style façade which you can see often over here. The front door is placed a little bit forwards to give more structure. The windows are relatively small in the ground floor, but I have compensated this with the use of multiple windows. On the first floor are quite bigger windows with underneath a sort of balcony/plant holder. The back of this house is pretty clean with only some plants beneath the first floor windows. There are 2 big doors placed together, so when you open them you can enjoy your backyard.

The roof is made of 1x2 tiles in two tones. I have used orange and dark orange tiles to give a authentic Dutch look. To cover up the hinges used for the roof, I have let the roof come a little bit over the side. Also, on the top of the façade’s you can find on both sides a ornament which refers to the past. In the northern part of Holland we were active whale hunters. And you can still see some references to our history nowadays. If you use your imagination you can see 2 whales in this ornament.

The inside of the house excists of 2 floors. The ground floor begins with a hallway featuring a place to hang your coats, a stairs to the first floor, and the door to the living room. If we enter the living room you will see a big corner couch with table, some cabinets, and a big screen. Also you can spot the central heating system. There is a big dining table which has place for 6 people. Then we enter the kitchen with the black and white floor tiles. I kept I pretty basic and clean. The colors used to highlight some furniture are a little homage to a great Dutch designer called Rietveld.

When you enter the first floor, you can see 2 rooms and a storage space. The first room is the bathroom. You can take a shower here, or lie down in the bath and have a whopping view through the big windows. There is also a sink placed here. The second room is the master bedroom. This features a big bed with some cabinets. You can enter the storage place or the bathroom from here if you like.

I really hope you like this creation. I had big fun making this and putting some original details in.



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