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Ol' Burgundy, a 4-4-0 Steamer


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What inspired this project:

The LEGO steam locomotive project presented here was inspired by part 3960, 4 x 4 Radar Dish in Dark Red. In the month of May, I built this steam locomotive. It was a functioning locomotive, but one problem occurred constantly: Articulating the front four wheels. Though the steam locomotive was sturdy enough to stand on her four drive wheels alone, the empty space in front needed to be filled with four more wheels. After about twenty days of completing the prototype, the front wheels finally got that sweet articulation! And now, here she is! Ol' Burgundy!

Project description:

Judging by how many pieces went into this model, Ol' Burgundy is probably about five-hundred pieces. This steam locomotive is fully compatible with the older Power Functions motorization system. As usual, the steamer requires the train motor, the infrared receiver, and the triple-A battery box. If you do not have an infrared speed remote control, then purchase this as well. The roof can be removed to reveal a not-so detailed interior. The interior of the cab is not very detailed to make room for the wires coming through the firebox. As far as functionality goes, there really is not anything else to say, except for the fact that there are working coupling rods on the side of Ol' Burgundy. There is a light on each end of the locomotive, the tender says "Great West," the smoke stack is a garbage can (???), and there are sand-green pieces that adorn the locomotive and tender.

New tech disclaimer:

The new Powered-Up motorization system from 2018, packed with the practically standard Bluetooth feature, has almost taken the place of the older Power Functions theme. In the future, the steamer will have to be rebuilt to fit the Powered-Up materials onto the steamer. Fortunately, the steamer only needs tweaking in the area where the infrared receiver is located, as well as in the tender to match the new battery box.


Thank you for viewing and supporting this project! If you have any suggestions for anything, whether it is for this project, new projects, or re-uploads, please put a comment in the comments section. Have a great day, everyone, and take care! Project built by Joseph cheeseinthepie. Built 5/5/2019. Uploaded 8/4/2019.

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