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Riot of Realms - Dragon Death


Welcome to a world, a world full of magic and mystery, of exploration and friendship, conquest and destruction. From the stealthy Shadow Elves of the Northern Mountains, to the friendly Garden Trolls of the Thorn Fields in the South, from the Empire of Sa'ulge in the East, to the hellish mountain of Zac'kar, there is an infinite number of places to see, people to meet, and creatures to fight. Among all these are the ever present creatures of land, sky and sea.

Among these are... Dragons!

This set comes with five different dragons. From the Mountain Burrowing dragon of Spine Peek, to the small Blue Feathered Dragon of the Ice Plains, we meet can see how powerful these can be.

The first dragon you'll see in the slide is the Shadow Dragon, the flying steed of Elves from the Dark Forest. These Dragons are a preference for the Dark Elves for their immense strength and durability. Also, the Elves use the flames emitting from the back of the dragon's head as a method of communication, much like Morse Code.

The Blue Feathered Dragon is a light creature of speed and agility. Discovered by an ancient monastery, full of Wakachou Monks, who practiced combat to defend their neighboring farmers from Tyrants. Immediately, the dragons and monks formed a bond, and began working together to protect the land. While the Blue Feathered Dragon is too small for a saddle, the magic of the Wakachou Monks allow them to weigh less than the average human. With a blend of the dragon's agility, and the monk's skills, they have become known as a force to be reckoned with.

In the kingdom of Nasherta, a giant volcano, Mount Hasheris, houses a herd of Red Rocks, dragons who discharge a molten blast of the liquid rock. This is because, while they seem to be carnivores, they are really herbivores. While eating the small plants that grow on the mountain, they dig their head down to reach the roots, pulling up both plant and earth. The organs then separate the plant from the earth, providing the dragon with both nourishment and a defense mechanism. The Knights of the Red Carpet began their crusade to defend their nation by challenging a dragon. If the dragon wins, the knight goes home. If the knight is able to get on top, the dragon will concede. However, no one knows why the dragons give in once the knight is on top, as they were never trained.

From the seas of Alfia, a clan of Merfolk have learned to ride the dragons for which the sea is named for. Flying high into the sky, these creatures are slow on land, fast in the sky, and deadly in the sea. Unfortunately, the Merfolk have not revealed the history of their bond, so I can't give much more detail than that.

Now we get to the big one, the one that this set is truly about. While it is impressive to see a dragon of great size, we cannot forget what it has done.

The Mountain Burrowing Dragon has long been a legend of fear and death. Devouring whole herds of cattle, entire villages, leaving behind only a few survivors, stories throughout the kingdom of Nasherta have made people abandon cities for a simple tremor. Even in the city of Hasheris, sitting at the foot of the mountain, people keep food and prized belongings packed, and boxes ready, because they can't tell if the quake they feel is from the mountain or the legendary dragon. Now, the dragon returns, bearing a rider who seeks doom for the kingdom. Who he is and why are unknown. What is known is Nasherta needs all of their allies to help fight this beast.


Riot of Realms is an idea for a game I wish to make in the near future. The idea is to make a Fantasy based game, with a massive open world, as well as many quests and PvP options. If you have any ideas for something to add in, let me know. Please.

I hope you like this set. Your friend,

Xendor (Dawnburst)