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Little Tramway

In nowadays, we do not often see old trams with cables rolling down the street anymore. I've always like trains and rail transports, but since trains already exists as a LEGO set, I wanted to create an old classic tram that actually touches the cable.

Now the design of the tram itself, is 100% made by my memories and the stereotypical image of a tram talking with other people. The interior is divided by individual seats and long benches. The front of the tram has control panel details and the end has two studs for minifigures.

The tram itself is not attached to the cable, but just physically touching. So it is possible for the tram to slide forth and back as a play feature. You will be able to pick the tram up and take the roof part off, and place some minifigures inside as another play feature

Since the tram alone could be boring, I created a diorama scene containing both the nature, but also a human created platform, as a meaning of coexistence. On the platform side, there are bushes and a tree which is artificially planted, but as a reversed reflection, two electric poles are placed on the grass field.

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