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Rebel E-wing


Heavy blasters and thrusters along with a cannon on top, astromech droid cockpit, a storage compartment for intergalactic findings (holocron inside), a rebel pilot, a rebel astromech, some x-wing features, and everything you will need to take down the empire! 

This is a remake of a past Lego set and a Lucasfilm vehicle not seen in the movies. This is not copied by anyone else, this is my own style of building just based off of a Lucasfilm creation. 

I made this set, because of my love for Star Wars, to remake a past Lego set better, and for everyone to have fun (and of course the fact that this is one of my favorite Star Wars vehicles)

I want this to be a Lego set, because it looks amazing and I know people will have fun with it and take on those ruthless imperials! Of course if you are working on a rebel base too then I definently recommend this ship for you!


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