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Old Warehouse


Old Warehouse,

Short insight on the indea:

The Old Warehouse is an very detailed buil of an old warehouse which you could see on an old small harbour area in a small city in some place around the Mediterranean Sea. In my opinion these cities have an very nice look. So I want to take the Dark-Orange for this building also because in my opinion this is one of the best and realistic Lego coulers. To create an old look on this project I integrate many textured 1x2 bricks in different natural coulers like dark bluish grey, light bluish grey,tan ,dark tan and also the dark-orange. At the front of the building also the tan pillars and on the top the red tiles bring nice Mediterranean touch on this building. Last thing I did: I want to have enough light in the building. So I take many of the small 1x2x2 and 1x2x3 tan windows. In the Warehouse there is a nice tiled floor and many containers, boxes and cases because it’s an warehouse. 

Oh it‘s getting dark? No problem! The warehouse has included a Lego-Light-Brick in the roof which you can turn on to have nice light.

All in All I want to have an realistic and detailed building. So nothing have to be neglected. The floor is made out of many 1x1 round tiles and some 1x1 round and normal plates, The water is brickbuild out of 1x1 plates and 1x2 tiles and the wall from sealevel to normallvel is build with many plates and textured bricks in different natural coulers.

7 minifugures, one owl and three chicken stimulate the set and for the dealer there is also a small nice detailed red pick-up with som apples.

But now enjoy the photos and push the support-button!

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