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Behemoth BH-1 Scout Ship


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This creation is a Behemoth BH-1 scout ship. This plane can reach altitudes as high as the exosphere of the earth and reach Mach 5.5 under 3 seconds. It can be placed on ships carrying aircrafts or on aircraft carriers as it is not very long. This plane has high reconnaissance and scouting capabilities.
Features include-
  • A detailed cockpit with a classic space computer
  • A opening windshield on the cockpit
  • VTOL and CTOL mode
  • 2 missiles
  • 2 machine guns
  • Flares
  • Foldable tail wings
I got the inspiration to build this from the XV-15. I think that this creation would make a great set because it has a lot of features and since it uses less pieces the set is more portable and affordable. If this became a real set a lot of people would be able to afford it. So please support my idea.
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