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Sailing Yacht


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Raise your sails and explore the coastal water with this Lego sailing yacht, based on modern 32 feet vessels such as the Benetau Oceanis 32 and Hanse 320It's a great display model for any sailing enthusiast, which transforms in a play set for anyone to enjoy in one easy step!

Sail the salty breeze into the sunset and enjoy ultimate freedom with the entire family!


  • Operate rudder by turning the steering wheel
  • Includes realistic standard for yacht to rest on as a display model
  • Change from display model to playing model in by detaching the keel section
  • Adjustable boom
  • Remove mast & deck to access the playable interior
  • Interior features 2 sleeping cabins (front and starbord rear), a kitchen including sink and oven, navigation table including maritime radio, 2 comfortable couches and a table in the main cabin, a bathroom with sink & toilet, and... plenty of storage
  • Includes a ladder and swimming plateau that can be lowered to enjoy a dip in the sea on warm days
  • Minifigure scale, includes 4 minifigs: captain, first mate, the kid & his friend. Includes a ship cat, a shark and an inflatable dingy
  • Designed to be both realistic & playable, it has many nice cool surprises to enjoy, from cleats to flags and navigation lights
  • Made out of 858 bricks, 34 studs long, 14 studs wide, 50 studs high with mast

About the model:

I searched for a cool Lego sailing yacht model. I found a few nice ones (including a cool Elan on a trailer) but not as playable and realistic as I wanted. I started designing in LDD, some of the curves & making the yacht look sleek was a tremendously challenging. Some other challenges were structural integrity & keeping the mast up. The biggest challenge was to cram all the details in a confined, curvy space. In the end, there needed to be some concessions to allow for integrity, detail & playability.

Thanks for your interest & support!!!

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