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Maersk mobile container crane. A suplement for the Lego Maersk set


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The Maersk train set could use some supplements.

As I mentioned earlier in my idea for the Lego Maersk 8 wheeled truck. I am a big fan of the Lego Maersk set 10219.

Butt still there was something missing. A crane to load and unload the containers from the Maersk truck or train wagon.

There was two rules. The mobile crane , however, had to handle the original containers. And hoist 2 containers  on each other.

So I searched on the internet for pictures. It was then that I decided that the cabine should be at the front. Also the idea emerged to use half sized containers. 


Data from the model; 

The top of the boom, can rotate about 320 degrees

The back side of the crane is heavier for counterweight, when lifting de containers.

The boom can extend up to 10 centimeters and reach 18 centimeters in height

The model itself contains approxiomately 125 bricks


For any set, it is of course nice when (half) containers and a minifigure is included

 I've chosen for the Maerk colours but any colour is of course possible



So let me know what your thoughts are of my idea


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