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Frankenstein Book Nook Shelf Insert

As you sit quietly pondering the storm just outside your windows, a sudden crack of lightning illuminates a sinister face peering at you from your bookshelf. You gasp, momentarily frightened, as Frankenstein's Monster stares deep into your soul...

About the Project
Inspired by Universal Studio's and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, this LEGO build is sure to delight both lovers of classic horror and literature. Nestled among your books, the face of Frankenstein's Monster is visible. Remove it to find a hidden village beneath the watchful eyes of a windmill perched upon an ominous hill.

  • At 12.6 inches high, 8.9 inches deep and 6 inches wide, this book nook shelf insert is just large enough to create a presence among your largest books without overtaking the entire bookshelf.
  • The entire model has just over 1100 pieces.
  • Although I do love expanding the color palette of LEGO bricks, this set was created entirely out of existing pieces.

When To Display
Is there ever a moment when any bookshelf does not need the classics displayed?! Don't have a bookshelf? This would also be a great addition to your Halloween decorations or a classic horror themed movie room.

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