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Hawkwing from Terrahawks

Terrahawks, stay on this channel. This is an emergency!

Tiger Ninestein: Hawkwing, you have a ten-fifty!
Kate Kestrel: Ten-ten!

And with that exchange of codes, Hawkwing catapults into action against Zelda, an ugly, evil android from the planet Guk!  Launching from the Terrahawks' underground base through a whirlpool, Hawkwing is the team's atmospheric interceptor designed to stop Zelda's Earth Atmosphere Fighters (or ZEAFs) in their tracks!

The lower "egg shell" fighter, armed with particle accelerators, is flown by Captain Kate Kestrel.  Lieutenant Hawkeye sits in the gun bay on Hawkwing's detachable wing, in command of the high energy laser cannon and missiles.  When the situation calls for it, Hawkwing can split into two separate craft and in an emergency Hawkeye can eject and send the wing crashing into the enemy!

The Terrahawks TV series was created by Gerry Anderson with Christopher Burr in the early 1980s using puppetry techniques and is perhaps a little less well known than the likes of Thunderbirds.  As with all Anderson shows the vehicles and secret base left a lasting impression on me as a boy and as with some of my other projects here this is an attempt to bring Terrahawks into the modern day in LEGO, just as a new series is being considered!

This is a mini-figure scale set with around 650 pieces and mini-figures of Kate Kestrel and Hawkeye  featuring flick missile launchers and a rotating stud launcher, similar to the original!  The egg shell has wings that can pull out when it's separated from Hawkeye's wing, and his wing also has flexible wing tips to allow for its tunnel launch.  Let's just hope none of Zelda's cubes sneak into the boxes, otherwise we may have to call in the Zeroids for backup!

Why now?  Well, no-one has made a Terrahawks Idea here before it seems - and next year, 2020, is when Zelda is due to destroy Earth's Mars base to set up her own!  Better get supporting fast!


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