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Medieval Tavern


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🍻 "Would you like some more?"

🍲 Welcome to my tavern. You will probably find everything you need to satisfy yourself: a table to eat, a fountain to drink, a bed to sleep in, a fireplace to warm up, a basin to wash in, a market to buy supplies, etc. As well as other things, some of which you don't need to say out loud.


🏰 The tavern is composed of three main buildings:

1️⃣ The first building made of red bricks contains: the dining room, the counter, the bathroom with fireplace and the bedroom with four-poster bed.

2️⃣ The second building is the wooden walkway that overlooks a dark alley.

3️⃣ The third building is the stone one, whose balance seems quite fragile. It houses the healer's lair (whose potions seem to come straight out of the oldest grimoires), the kitchens whose smells give us an appetite and, finally, the study. 

🐖 The outside is full of life with the market, young people strolling around, animals: the pig, the chickens, the swallows, the cats hunting and... the rats. 

🙋‍♀️ The set includes 10 mini-figures, each with its own story that you now have to tell.


☀️ I am delighted to present this set that I wanted to be an object where a thousand stories can be told. The tavern is a place of life and I hope to have transmitted this idea through the different scenes proposed, the architecture that varies, the flamboyant colors and the presence of vegetation. 

⚔️ The medieval period is a place where the imagination can explode as there are so many mysteries, legends, different cultures...I am excited to dive into this universe and I hope you will too. 


Physical information
Total parts: 2946
W7.8 - L21.1 - H11.7 inches
W19.8 - L53.5 - H29.6 centimeters

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