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Pirate Bedroom

A pirate bedroom with tons of objects and details that support the pirate theme. In bed is a boy sleeping with his favorite toy.

Product features
  • Pirate bed with sleeping boy, mast with flag, cannons on the side and an open drawer with socks
  • Bedside table with oil lamp
  • Telescope with a starry night
  • Black Pearl pirate ship with deserted island
  • Dress with lobster on top of it
  • Pirate gear such as a hat, compass, revolver, treasure map, diamond and gold coin
  • Desk with letter, pen, typewriter and candle
  • The wall consists of two parts: a wooden wall with light spots and a painting and an underwater wall with fish and an anchor

The Pirate and Medieval theme is one of my favorites. I think this would make a great set with a lot of playabilities and also look nice to display.

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