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I love how stunning and impressive peacocks look with their bold feather display and amazing iridescent and metallic colours within each single feather. I have tried to replicate this in my model. I have built with bricks rather than with a virtual tool, so I've been limited by the current brick and colour combinations, but I’d love to see the LEGO round discs in the new transparent blue opal colour (362).

My original inspiration for the build was actually the small lilac leaf brick used to make the Aster in the LEGO Flowers Bouquet, but as you can see it didn’t make it into the final model, which looks nothing like my first attempt. I always knew I wanted to use the green plant leaves as the bulk of the build as they gave the delicate and lightweight appearance that this model needed.

I loved building this sat on the floor whilst my children were working on their own models (although I did get told off for taking all the leaves!). This went through many rebuilds to get it to a model I was happy with both aesthetically but also structurally. My main challenge was to find a way of attaching the back feathers to the body in a secure manner whilst ensuring it didn’t topple backwards due to it weight. I really wanted to maintain the thin legs a peacock has and as well as the model toppling over backwards or splitting in half, it also kept falling off its own legs. I’m really proud of what I have achieved, and have hopefully shown my two young children how it's ok for your models to fall apart multiple times in the early stages - this just shows you where the weaknesses are and where to focus your next energy.
Updated October 2022: I've spent some time updating the peacock- with improved stability, a rebuilt head, changes to the base of the feathers (where the trefoil leaves are) and a change to the jewels uses at the tips. I've also hopefully improved the photo quality.

I had great fun making it and I hope you like it. Please click Support if you do, but also consider sharing it with others who might enjoy it too.

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