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Island of King Kong Diorama


This is a set based on the original Kong dilogy of movies: King Kong (1933) & Son of Kong (1933). King Kong of which is my favorite movie.

The various critters:

2-legged lizard (that crawls the vine from the insect ravine in the film), giant crab, giant spider, giant snake, 4-legged lizard using a rat element in green, a smaller giant spider/pseudo scorpion creature and the elasmosaurus from Kong's cave sequence that emerged from the geothermal cavern pool.

As microfigures there are:
  • Ann Darrow
  • John Driscoll
  • Carl Denham
  • Capt. Englehorn
  • Native Chief
  • Native (2x)

For larger creatures there is Kiko (the Son of Kong), a Brontosaurus and the meat eater.

Also included is the steam tramp ship the: SS Venture and a smaller display of the wall with King Kong as a trophy element.
Skull Island village with wall separating from the rest of the island. The Tramp Steamer boat SS venture resides on the right on the water.
The Back of the wall includes the altar from which Kong finds Ann.

Kong Mountain with the caverns forming the likeness of a skull. Below is the swamp water lake with a modified sunken brontosaurus.
On the face of the mountain is the temple from the sequel just like in the film.

Up the slope leads to the ravine infamous spider pit. With the famous log overhead acting as a crossing path to the other side.
Opposite the frontal face of the mountain is the sea cave as seen in Son of Kong (1933). It includes the crack in the wall which the main characters would use to arrive from an opening on the right side to the temple seen two images before.

Thanks for taking the time to reading/view the project. Considering giving a support should you like it or even a follow for any future projects.

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