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Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out, Moon Rocket


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This is my representation of the Wallace and Gromit orange moon rocket that appeared in the beloved classic Wallace and Gromit: A grand day out. Whilst building I decided to try and go for a completely orange look for the rocket but I also wanted to include some dark yellow just to add a pop of colour to the build as well as this I used a large amount of minifigure baseplates to achieve a metal plating effect. One of the interesting details I added to the rocket was a yellow elastic band to outline the door into the rocket. One of the key features to this build is the Wallace and Gromit minifigures themselves which I tried to get as accurate as to what we see on screen, not only have I included the two main characters of the film I have also built the robot that we see living on the moon he uses one element with a sticker just to add as much accuracy to the film as I possibly could. The small part of the moon that I have built uses a combination of cone pieces and ice cream cone pieces which are both in tan, I also have added a picnic blanket so that you can display Wallace and Gromit while you are not busy playing with them.

Over all the build has a pretty complex inner structure to hold the panels onto, it is a very sturdy build so it does allow for playability which is one of the key reasons why I think this would make a pretty fun set idea. There have already been past Wallace and Gromit builds on LEGO ideas which have all gathered a high amount of supporters over the past couple of years which is why personally I think that this would make a great set for fans of LEGO and Wallace and Gromit all around the world.

I have always dreamed of owning a LEGO Wallace and Gromit set so I decided that there hasnt been an official set (YET) I would build my own so here it is on LEGO ideas.

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