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The Oceanfront Market


The Oceanfront Market is a medieval market. I love making lego castles, so I hope you love it too.

What is my Project?

The Oceanfront Market includes a modular design, so it can be rearanged in many ways to increase playability. It also includes a boat, a small lighthouse, and two market stalls. There are eight minifigures, too.


It includes two firing crossbows (which are pictured without elastics, but they would have them). The ammunition is flaming arrows (which are held in racks) and are fired by simply pulling back on them and firing. The portcullis can be raised (it would have a string tied around the hinge piece which connects to the winch placed higher up). A ratchet mechanism will prevent it from slipping. The drawbridge can also be raised (another ratchet keeps this in place).

It includes eight minifigures, and two horses.

The model has 2995 bricks.

Accessories are three shields, two spears, two swords, a bow, an apple, four torches, two sausages, a cherry, and a bucket. 


Thank you for any support that you give! It means a lot.

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