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Yamaha RZ350


RZ350 was released in 1981. The RZ350 is based on the RZ250 equipped with a water-cooled two-stroke engine.

Generally, it is recognized that the displacement of the engine and the braking force are strengthened by making it a double disc brake, but the feature of the engine born from the difference of 100cc is also the overrun characteristic after passing the power band. The power-to-weight ratio, which greatly affects driving performance, has also been raised from 3.97 kg / PS at RZ250 to 3.17 kg / PS. Since this was a number comparable to the 750cc class at that time, it became known as the Nana Hankiller (“pocket rocket” in North America).

The right handle has a throttle lever and a front brake lever, and the left handle has a clutch lever. There is a shift pedal on the left side of the engine and a rear brake, Kickstarter pedal on the right side. Kickstarter pedal and tandem steps can be moved. There is a center stand and a side stand in the frame.

Length: 12.4 in
Height: 6.42 in
Width: .04 in
Wheelbase: 8.58 in
Seat height: 4.92 in
Scale: 1:6.6


一般的にはダブルディスクブレーキにすることでエンジンの排気量やブレーキ力が強化された程度と認識されていますが、100ccの差から生まれるエンジンの素性はパワーバンドを過ぎた後のオーバーラン特性にも優れており、250ccよりも高速回転域が伸びやかです。走行性能に大きく影響するパワーウェイトレシオも、RZ250の3.97 kg/psから3.17 kg/psに引き上げられました。当時の750ccクラスに匹敵する数値だったため、ナナハンキラー(北米では「ポケットロケット」)として知られるようになりました。


全長 315 mm
全高 163 mm
全幅 128 mm
ホイールベース 218 mm
シート高 125 mm
スケール 1:6.6

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