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Dine and Dash: Volcanic Restaurant

This Dine and Dash was made inside a volcano, and it seems that you want to dash after you finish dining to avoid being caught in an eruption!

The restaurant floor has tables and chairs set up for you to sit in, and there is a host waiting to give you your seat. There is a lava ball chandelier on the ceiling, and this restaurant makes an old volcano turn into a nice spot for a LEGO person to dine with their family. 

There is also a private dining room that connects off of the floor of the restaurant. It features a table for 2 and flames burning next to the entry doors. There is a light on top, and that all adds up to a relaxing personal dining room.

The kitchen connecting off of the volcano through double doors features a oven, stovetop, microwave, sink, and more. This gives plenty of space to have dining preparations made.

The front of the Dine and Dash looks like a face, and although the outside of the building and the sign makes the building look rickety and maybe a little unsafe, you can't judge by the outside of this Dine and Dash, as the inside is actually fancy and well styled. 

I think this would make a good LEGO set because of the fun that could be had with making and delivering food to the waiting customers, and the design of the restaurant could make fun stories. There's also not a ton of LEGO minifigures that are in this set, but they can all be placed anywhere, resulting in even more setups that could be made with this restaurant! 

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