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Blacktron Renegade Raiders


I may be a bit too young to have played with the space sets of the 80's, but the Blacktron I series was always my favorite of the era. 

This set is a UCS series scale redesign of the original Blacktron Renegade set released in 1987. While staying true to the original design in terms of shape and elements, I tried to utilize the more advanced building techniques that were made available by new bricks and elements. Hence, the spacecraft kept its original shape and colours, but I gave it a more detailed, stern and darker look overall. The resulting model is a sinister but powerful looking attack space-craft, loosely (and unintentionally) resembling the real-world A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft.

The minifigures are based on the original Blacktron I minifigures with some additional parts and details to give them a "space raider/pirate" vibe.

The cockpit canopy is connected to the body of the spacecraft by technic pins, so it can be freely opened to reveal a detailed cockpit interior. The ground personnel are carried to battle in the back section which is also easily accessible: the ramp is connected via hinges, while the back element of the roof slides on rails and the front part can be lifted via hinges. The belly pf the spacecraft can also be oppened with a turret with ion-rockets folding out, should you need additional firepower. 

The target audience due to the large parts count (2195) and the advanced building techniques and the general theme of the set would be adult collectors and fans of Lego. 

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