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Inter City Double Deck Train


-Inter City Double Decker Train-

Hi! My name is Edson and I would like to share my idea so that you, please, can support it and turn it into an official set.

I created the idea on Lego Digital Designer (LDD) and it's inspired on the fourth generation Bombardier Double-deck Coach, that is a bileval passenger car built by Bombardier Transportation and each coach of the current generation can seat 100 to 150 passengers. 

I really love trains, and that's why I think this could be an amazing idea, releasing the first Double Decker Train.



The building consist of roughly 2368, 10 minifigures, 2 waggons ( dining car and seating car), a locomotive (with seating area and enough space to be adapted for the power functions), a new idea for seatings, capacity for 34 minifigures and a small train station.


-Full Description-

As I said it before, the train was basically created for play features so I created all waggons to be able to place wheel chairs,  babys pushchairs and bikes on the doors  area and to take off the roof, the second floor and one wall, so it will be easy to play in or lay the minifigures 

The dining car has capacity for 3 minifigures in the kitchen area and 8 sitting minifigures. It has kitchen with drawers, a refrigerator and many mugs that are distributed through out the train, in addition to a food counter and many seating to place the minifigures. Also on the second floor there is a small table/bar to place drinks and foods.

The passenger car has capacity for 13 sitting minifigures and space for the food trolley. It also includes a counter with the basic thing that could be required by a passenger, like utensils, tableware and maybe drinks.

The locomotive has capacity for 10 sitting minifigures and 1 wheel chair that can be place like a passenger seat. It has the enough place to adapt the power functions and be able to make it run on the tracks. The roof of the drivers cab can be removed so it is easy to put the minifigure.

The train station has the capacity for 4 sitting minifigures and maybe 8 standing minifigures. It has basically an ATM, a map of the stations, two benches and the typical clock with a meghaphone.

And finally the minifigures. I decided to include 10 minifigures because its a train with enough capacity (35 minifigures) and basically, four minifigures are workers of the train  and the other six minifigures are passenger. So here is the list: Driver, 2 travel assistants, Chef and 6 passengers ( including a mother with her daughter and her baby, a teenager, a grandmother and a businessman).



So, that's all that include my idea, thanks for reading, I really hope that you like the idea of having a new and the first Inter City Double Decker Train. If you like the design or the idea of a Inter City Double Decker train please, please, please, support and follow. Thank you for your attention, I remain at your service for any questions or comments.

With regards, Edson.

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