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Red Fox Offensive Unit

I made this shortly after I finished the Blue Wolf Unit. I started by building the shoulder cannons; I had originally decided against using them in the Blue Wolf robot, but I liked the design, so I kept the guns. The next thing I built was the torso; from there, I built the legs, head, and finished with the arms, leaving me with this robot.

Part of the reason I built this robot was to use the cannons somehow; I liked the design and didn't want to throw them away, so I built the robot to use the guns. I also realized that most of the time, when a robot has white and red, it also has blue or black; there aren't that many robots that are simply red and white. so I decided to make a red and white robot.

This robot has a sword, and is more articulate than the last one, as it can move in all the ways the last one could and the wrists and fingers also move. It also has moving cannons attached to the back; I think it looks significantly better than the last one, too.

Thank you, everyone, for your support.

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