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Daft Punk Tribute 1993/2021


Celebrate the Daft Punk group with this project: Daft Punk tribute 1993/2021.

As a french fan of Daft Punk I was affected by their separation so I decided to create a project based on my favorite music group.

About the project.

I took many references to several Daft punk songs and albums like « Random access memories » for the translucide guitar and the synthesizer and the double guitar from the clip « Robot Rock ». The Robots can be put on display on a vinyl record so you can create your own scene by changing intruments.

The project includes a vinyle record, a simple guitar, a double guitar, a synthesizer, a battery and the Robots (22 and 24cm high) with interchangeable parts (leg and arm)The global project counts about 1300 parts

Daft Punk was, is and will be forever one of the most talented group in the musical history and I hope this project may allow to have a lego ideas set based on these geniuses of music. A huge thanks to Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo for their incredible work during the past 30 years.

Enjoy this project and keep listening the Daft Punk !

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