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Lego Thundercats


Thundercats Ho!!!

The legendary series is back "Thundercats Lego", Lion and his friends came from Thundera
to Join the Lego World.They Lego must have this classic series that only bring joy to our
life and teach us good things like the "Code of Thundera" Justice,Truth,Honor and Loyalty.

It brings everthing you neeed;

-Seven minifigures: Lion, Cheetara,Tygra,Panthro,Willy Kat,Willy Kit and Snarf.

-A Thundertank vehicle with multiples functions.

-And must powerfull item from thundera: The Sword of Omens!!!

The seven minifigures have all the weapons and accessories from the serie.
The Thundertank  has many hidden weapons inside his unbreakable amor: Two lasers cannons,one back cannon,might jaws that can crush any obstacle and if the Thundercats find themselves in a dangerous situation, the tank will protect them by activating its retractable hardtop.

And you can also check how I built the thundertank in the video below:

Thundercats is part of my life. Uncountable people and I belive that Lego is the best toy company
for this project and if its approved there will still have some missing things like some minifigures, landscapes, etc
However, this will be no problem because with Lego you can always build anything and that is the magic.

We always have something that we like and miss in some toy collection most like in series like Thundercats that
last for so long and has so many cool characters.To have this project means to have the main characters and the main vehicle.

So I ask your vote,share this project with your friends and family and also use your social networks(Facebook,
Twiter,Instagran etc) to support this project.

I don't ask to vote for me but to vote for Thundercats!!!!

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