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Mini Castle Modular

I like castle series and mini modular series. I always wonder if there are mini-castle modular series. And then, I finally created of my own series. They are not so bad in my thought.

If you like this series, plz support! ^^

I have made 50+ modules and categorized into several groups. This is series #1 of those modules.

This product is consists of 18 modules. (3 of wall components, 9 of inner castle components, 6 of outer castle components)

Castle wall is consist of 3 components. You can extend them with just 3 components to any scale.

Easy...isn't it?

Upper image is shot of 18 modules.

Module number is from top-left to bottom-right with line first.

- First line
(1) Palace left - Basic palace left side
(2) Palace middle - Basic palace middle component
(3) Palace right - Basoc palace right component
(4) Official building #1 - could be any official building
(5) Official Building #2

- Second line
(6) Ceremonial Building front
(7) Ceremonial Building back - extendible
(8) Fountain and road #1
(9) Fountain and road #2

- Third line
(10) Basic castle corner #1
(11) Basic castle wall #1
(12) Basic castle gate #1
(13) Windmill #1
(14) Barn #1

- Fourth line
(15) Healing place
(16) Grocer
(17) Forge
(17) Inn

Just palace. Simple but cute. I hope you also like this.

This is sample display of 18 components. If you buy more, then you could build larger village.

As you see, some components are from official MMV series.

Higher res images :

My blog : (more photos, ldd files and stuffs)

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