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Mr. Wigims Steampunk Mech

Mr. Wigims is a goblin mechanic who knows how to fix any machine. He only has his wit, his tools and his steampunk mech to survive. Now stranded in a desert he must battle the elements and whatever dangers he might encounter on his way to safety. 

I built this set being a huge fan of fantasy and steampunk and I wanted to see a steampunk LEGO set on the market. I based this on a character in a story I am writing because I thought it would make a good set and I wanted to see if I could recreate the character Mr. Wigims and his Mech in LEGO. 

I believe this would make a good set because the set has many playability features such as a gun and a blade to battle dangers, a cockpit that moves up and down and legs, feet, arms and hands that move. I think this would make a great set because there a lot of steampunk fans and i wanted to fill the gap in the lack of Steampunk sets sold by LEGO. 

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