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China Garden Restaurant


Every city of any size needs a good Chinese takeout restaurant. Friday nights just wouldn't be the same without them! 

The China Garden possesses a number of attractive features in front:

  • A walled garden (a little natural texture is always inviting!)
  • Lantern
  • Tree
  • Pond
  • Stone walkway

On the first floor you'll find all the things any good restaurant needs:

  • Dining area
  • Counter and register (with packing supplies)
  • Wok and grill
  • Food (including spices!)
  • Sink
  • Fridge (under the staircase)

Upstairs you'll find the proprietor's apartment complete with:

  • Kitchen
  • Living room with couch, coffee table, and bookcase (as well as brick-built windows!)
  • Bedroom with bed, nightstand, and dresser
  • Bathroom with WC and shower

Though it is half the width of most of the buildings in LEGO's modular line,  the China Garden packs a lot of detail into a small space, and would make for a great first modular for those looking to start their own town display. It would likely cost less than the typical modular, thus lowering the barrier to entry for those interested in exploring the construction of buildings in the style of the great Cafe Corner. Modular buildings are great for both play and display!

Thank you for looking at my project, and an extra big thanks to those who choose to support!


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