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Galaxy Quest: Captain Tributron


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Inspired to create a new buildable figures constraction theme, the idea for Galaxy Quest was born. The story takes place deep within space where pirates, guardians, and bounty hunters reside. Within the Galaxy different factions of pirates compete against eachother for the latest technology and information of science to claim there place throughout the galaxy. But the guardians have taken control over many solar systems already and have been ruling with an iron fist as they protect technology that can be their undoing. Which is why Captain Tributron and his band of pirates must free all civillizations from the guardians reign before other bands of pirates take over for evil intent. However it would not be easy for Tributron and his band of variating races for bounty hunters hide from every corner to halt their quest in saving the galaxy.

*As a discaimer due to the design of the build and asthetic the utilization of a bionicle head seemed to be the best choice. If there was a hood or bandana to add onto the head it would make it look less like the expired theme. Furthermore other characters would comprise a of humans, aliens, robots, and cyborgs in this theme.

This figure contains:

  • several repainted CCBS and Technic parts
  • a gear function that allows for kicking without hindering mobility or appearance
  • an alternate arm for an arm cannon that can fire studs
  • a blast effect for the cannon
  • and a sword storage adapter which can be removed if needed

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