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Music Festival Live Stage

(sorry for my bad English, I'm French ^-^ ).

One day, I was listening to music and playing Lego... And, I said to myself "I've never seen a lego set which really deals with rock band and music in general... So I can create a set like that". After several attempts, I chose to build a Music Festival Stage, because that's a thing that every people who enjoy music know.

That's a construction of a Festival Stage like Lollapalooza Festival, Reading, or other stage like this. I've never seen a construction like that before, and I think that it could be a great idea for music fans. You can also create other live stages or recreate the one of your favorite band on this scene.
In fact, If the stage is built, you can model the space occupied by artists, like stage lights, location of music instruments, etc... It could be a "Creator 3 in 1" box !
In the example of the photos, you can see 5 screen, a drumset, 5 structures of stagelights, and other stagelights which are placed on different spots on the structure.

This set includes exactly 2393 Lego parts. Thats a big brickset.

Features :
- Guitar Amp
- Drumset 
- 3 micros
- 4 bodyguards
- 1 minifigure
- And many stage lights (over 50)

I hope that you'll support my project, I'll be very grateful.
Thanks for your Visit ! 

created and designed with the help of LDD.

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