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Space Rose


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Space ship from a far alien world: when landing transform itself into a roselike antenna to contact other space ship invaders in the deep space.
It contains six robots (or aliens if you want): four in the central section that you can elevate and two into the "petals" of the final "rose" form. I use the Exo Force robots because this was my original idea, but you can also use any form of other alien invader.

Others pictures about this project and its improve:

Here a stop motion video (.gif) of improved project:

I hope you enjoy; tanks to support.

back and motors

(sorry, I don't know how I can rotate the image in this site, so fold your head!)

beginning to open the roselike antenna.
Look to the grey robot in the yellow petal: can fly with special collapsible wings.

opened antenna with elevated central section containing four armed robots (and missles and cannons, optionals)

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