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Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark


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Hello everyone, I present to you all most recent LEGO Ideas submission, which is based on the famous temple scene from Indiana Jones-Raiders of the Lost Ark. LEGO builders can play out the whole iconic Indiana Jones temple scene with this proposed set idea. This build is made from just over 1200 pieces, and features three minifigures: Indiana Jones, Satipo and Dr. Rene Belloq. The whole build can split into three major sections, which are separated by technic connections. The first section is the room which Indy and Satipo enter to retrieve the Golden Idol. The second section features the pit which Indy has to jump over, a sliding door which can be moved up and down, as well as the spiked wall which Satipo unfortunately meets his demise on. The third section features the area in which Indy is chased by a boulder, as well as the temple exit where Indy has to hand over the Idol to Dr. Rene Belloq. The boulder can be pushed down from the roof onto some flexible tubing, so it can roll down and chase after Indy.

I hope you all enjoy!
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