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Mobile Phone Stand

During the last months I started having more and more WhatsApp videocalls with my family and friends, so I said to myshelf "Hey, why don't you design something with LEGO to hold the phone (a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7) without getting tired?".

My main requirement was to be able to adjust view angle in order to place my phone in different places and heights.
To be honest, I have to say this is not a 100% original idea. You can find lots of good phone/tablets stand designs on the Internet. Actually, I was inspired by the following LEGO IDEAS:

* "Tablet Stand" by Bengalslegomaster
* "Adjustable Phone Stand" by Legolemmy

Thank you very much for submitting them!

Firstly, I worked on some prototypes, combining Technic bricks and beams, trying to counterbalance phone weight in different positions, and adding a strong enough gear system. Finally I reached this design, that can stably hold devices up to 7" even with their charger cable plugged. A worm gear reducer enables smothly pitching. Its dimensions are 12x8x35 cm (max) and it contains 128 pieces.

I hope you like this idea! Thank you very much for supporting and thank you LEGO for making this amazing dreamcreator website.

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