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San Francisco Painted Lady

Hello everyone and welcome inside one of the most iconic houses in San Francisco, one of the "painted ladies".
Looking at the house from the outside, there is a lovely garden in front of it with a typical postbox.
Going up a short staircase you reach the porch, where the main door leads inside the house.
In the entrance you can find a clothes hanger and a small table.
The door on the right leads into the sitting room, which is small and comfortable. On the left there is a sofa located exactly in front of the fireplace, dominated by a mirror. Opposite is a bookcase, while on the right, facing a bay window, there are two chairs and a table with a chessboard.
The living room leads to the kitchen. Inside, starting from the left, there is a table set for breakfast. Moving to the right are the stoves, complete with oven and hood, and the bucket for washing dishes. On the wall that divides the kitchen from the living room there are two shelves that help to arrange food and dishes.
Leaving the kitchen and then the living room, you head towards the stairs.
Going down two flights you reach the basement.
The first thing that comes in front of us is the pantry. This is composed of a piece of furniture, containing eggs and bread. Underneath it is a chest full of fruit and vegetables.
Continuing forward and overcoming a wall you reach the laundry room. Here, inside a piece of furniture, there is the washing machine, on the floor, and the dryer, above it.
Going back and turning right from the stairs, the "workshop" of the house is in front of you. It is a workbench and a tool wall. Above the first are a drill press, in green, and a bench saw, in yellow. At his side instead, resting on the ground, there is a toolbox. Because of the work that is done there, there is also a waste bin against the wall. Behind the counter is the door that gives access to the garage. Here is a bike with a wicker basket and another tool wall. However, the latter contains only useful ones for repairing the car or the bike itself. Heading up the stairs again, this time going up four flights, you reach the first floor. In front of you is the corridor that leads to the glass door that allows access to the terrace. Against the outer wall, however, is the dog's kennel. Opposite it is the door to the master bedroom. Inside there is a double bed, with its back to the bay window, and a wardrobe facing the fireplace. At the foot of the bed, on both sides, there are carpets so as not to immediately get cold feet when you wake up in the morning. The bathroom is accessed from the master bedroom. This is equipped with all sanitary fixtures, from left to right you have the sink, toilet and shower. Above the sink there is also a mirror with doors on the sides, while at its side there is a towel holder. Next to the toilet is the toilet paper roll holder. Finally, the shower is equipped with a curtain for privacy, a carpet for when you have just come out and a shampoo shelf. Leaving the bathroom and the master bedroom, you finally take the last two flights of stairs, these lead to the attic. The latter was used as a children's bedroom. In fact, as soon as you arrive you find their bunk bed on the left with the bedside table with the lamp beside it. Opposite if you have a clock that overlooks the arch that leads to their games room. In fact, here you have a table football, a dart board and a grand piano.
At the top of the roof is the chimney for the two chimneys of the house.
In making this model I was freely inspired by the terraced houses of Alamo square. I have tried to keep the details and style consistent across the floors, both inside and out.
In fact, as can be seen, the furniture all has the same finish and color as the fabric. There are no windows on the sides of the house as it should be a terraced house.
I chose 15 as the house number as this is the fifteenth upload I've made on Lego Ideas, between challenges and product ideas.
This project uses all 3,000 available pieces, no more, no less.
The inhabitants of the house:
I wanted to use a body with the same pattern for the father and mother as I really like it a lot. For the children, however, I wanted to use something that represented them more.
The father is reading a book.
For the mother I used Chinese chopsticks and a ball to simulate a ball of yarn and knitting needles.
The daughter holds a sheet of music in her hand, as she is the one who plays the piano.
The son, on the other hand, has a dart in his hand, hanging on the wall for the game.
I hope this project also meets your taste and if so, support me and let your friends know about it too.

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