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Angry Birds Project


Finally Lego has the Angry Birds license and I can post this project! I know the Angry Birds brand has already seen better days but with the upcoming movie in 2016 this could still be a decent success!

The set includes:

  • The red bird called "Red"
  • The yellow bird called "Chuck"
  • The big white bird called "Matilda"
  • The "Bomb bird"
  • The three blue birds called "The Blues"
  • A bird's nest with egg
  • And several pigs (King pig, helmet pig, normal pig and damaged pig)

New characters will come soon!
You can write suggestions in the comment section.

This project is actually about 2 years old but because Lego didn't have the Angry Birds license back in those days my project wasn't approved.

Also I want to thank Anduin1710 for making the perfect pictures.
Make sure to support his projects!

I hope you like my project.

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