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AMC Theatres


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AMC Theaters is one of the most iconic theater chains on the planet and I knew I had to make something that showed the spirit and magic of movies that AMC theaters represents. This set is based on the AMC theater in Porter Ranch, which appears in the opening clip shown at every AMC theater, “We make movies better”. The set includes one Minifigure, the movie theater host, dawning her iconic sparkly pantsuit based on the same ad. The theater has a concession stand, a projector room which includes a light brick, a theater with 12 seats (all of which recline) and the iconic hallway the movie theater host walks thru in the commercial. I built this set because one of my favorite places to go as a kid was the movies! There's nothing quite like popcorn, a good snack and a movie with friends.

The set will also come with interchangeable screens. The one I made is based on some old school monster movies but what type of movies would you like to see?

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