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Lever House in New York

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Lever House, the modernist masterpiece from Gordon Bunshaft of SOM. This glass building is on Park Avenue in Manhattan, just across the street from the Seagram Building. This was the first building of it's type, and with Mies van der Rhoe's 860-880 Lakeshore Drive, gave birth to the generation of glass skyscrapers to come.

4/9/13: All green prototype completed, but cobbled together, so the build is imperfect yet it brings the idea to life.

These are designs made using LDD. This is my tribute to Gordon Bunshaft.

color and ground level update 10/22/12

The open plaza gives the public a place to rest and view sculpture. The second level of the building is lined with plants, and even has trees at it's far end.

Inside the plaza there is a raised garden, with sculpture, and marble benches designed by Noguchi.

LDD version w/ dark green plates.

My own picture of Lever House taken shortly after breakfast in front of the Seagram Building.

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