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The Fairytale Automaton

Your parents are sitting on the edge of your bed, reading you your favourite bedtime story. This is a story where princes rescue princesses, evil witches are defeated, and the dragon is left hungry and alone. When I was younger, the daily dose of fairytales was the favourite part of my day. I thought that every hour of every day should be like this! That is why I'm creating this set with the classical story, the one with the castle, the dragon and the burning town. What's different, is that this LEGO® creation does come alive!  This automaton is hand-powered, but if you turn a gear, the dragon will start soaring in the sky, with a risk of burning up the little town! The base of this set represents a bedside table, with an open book on top. Hope you like it and please make sure to comment any feedback you have for improvements or what you find nice! 

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