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The Dzannin Gate

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This set depicts the deciding scene of the book The Map to Everywhere. What is shown is the scene where the crazy wizard Serth tries to open the Gate to release the Lost Sun of Dzannin, which would destroy the entire Pirate Stream. The ships are: all black is the Black Dragon. Black with brown masts is the Enterprising Kracken. All silver is the Iron Ship. At this moment, the Iron Ship and the Black Dragon are colliding as foretold in the verse of the Merressian Prophecy: The City That Slides, the ships collide, the storm will rise the Iron Tide! I built this for a zoom out scene in a stop motion video, but it would make a great set because one, it's extremely detailed: e.g. the gold and clear blue base to make the golden waters of the Stream, and the clear yellow pieces for rays of the Lost Sun. It even has the red lightning of the Master of the Iron Ship's storm. And two, because the ships could be taken off and used to make your own model.

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