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Foosball Table!


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This is a Foosball table!, but no ordinary Foosball table, not only do you get to build it yourself its also a mini Foosball table, so theres space for it in your house!. Enjoy this classic game in Lego form, challange friends and family to the game, who will be the Lego Foosball master?


Set includes the table with the players and a mini yellow Football. Its made of 506 bricks. 


I got the idea of this from Chandler and Joey's Foosball table from 'Friends'. I wanted to do a sports theamed project where you could play the sport in mini form, I thought about doing Basketball, then I thought Rugby, then I thought Football. Because Football is a popular sport I thought I would make a Football set, then BAM! I thought Foosball! (I'm not a huge Football fan by the way I don't even watch it on TV, I'm just forced to play it at school!).


I think this would make a great set because Foosball is a well loved game, and I would love to see it in Lego form. Let's bring this old classic to life!


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