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The Battle Of The 2 Worlds

This is my set based off classic space , galaxy squad and a bit imagination mixed into this set . I think this would be a great set because Lego has done a Lego classic pirates set with barracuda bay and I think we need less realistic Lego ideas space sets and more imaginative and fun Lego sets on a veteran theme like Lego space . 

this set has 2 bits of land , the human colonised side and the native alien side . On the human colonised side there are 5 minifigures , the boss , the scientist , the weapon maker and 2 guards one having a prosthetic arm  . The leader is the one with the moustache and has green coat tails coming out off his green space suit . 

on the alien side is there leader , a squid headed horseman And 2 guards . They have a mountain side on their side of the planet filled with gems and crystals worth millions 

I think it would be a wonderful set , please support and comment and I will try to do some updates as soon as it hits 150 if it does 

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