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Plymouth Superbird

The 1970 Plymouth Superbird is widely considered to be one of the first muscle cars to factor aerodynamic bodies into development, as opposed to relying solely on engine power. The car was born out of Plymouth’s need to retaliate against the success of Ford, Dodge, and Mercury in the 1969 NASCAR season. It is the suped up version of the Road Runner, Plymouth’s extremely successful intermediate-bodied car first introduced in 1968.
"Superbird" decals were placed on the outside edges of the spoiler vertical struts featuring a picture of the Road Runner cartoon character holding a racing helmet. A smaller version of the decal appears on the driver's side headlight door

Did You Know?

The air extractor scoops on the hood are completely non-functional. They acted as extra clearance for the huge tires used in racing, but were only for looks in the street version of the car.

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