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Modular Auditorium


Come and listen to your favorite orchestra or watch a great play at this beautiful Modular Auditorium. Take a seat in one of 40 chairs that can recline if you would like. This auditorium would attact tourists to your lego town because of its great architecure. There are 24 seats on the first floor and there is also extra room to stand. Going up on the red sprial stair case there is a spacious second floor with 16 more seats for viewing the event and extra room to stand. Also on the second floor there is a giant gorgeous stained glass window. And finally on the roof there are two beautiful symmetrical domes. This would fit right in with your other modular buildings or as a stand alone building.

This building is based off of the Rudolfinum, in the Czech Republic. I changed some things on it to make it the size I wanted, but I wanted the front to look somewhat similar to the actual Rudolfinum. I changed up the roof to give what I think is a better look. I did not see many pictures of the inside so my inside is probably very different.

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