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One Town Medical Center

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Welcome to the One Town Medical Center! This build contains over 2,500 pieces and stands 13 inches tall at the highest point. It is modular, and features 3 accessible floors (including the roof). The amount of minifigures in this project is unspecified, any minifigures shown are for scale visualization only.

The Ambulance Bay is located on the ground level, and perfectly fits the included Ambulance! A sliding glass door leads into the Emergency Room, and the rest of the first floor. The ER has equipment for any emergency, including: an operating table (designed to have the stretcher placed on top), a surgical light, an IV pole, and 4 different medical stands that can be removed and rearranged depending on the emergency.

The remainder of the first floor is the public lobby. Another sliding glass door serves as the main entrance of the medical center. This room also includes: the reception desk (featuring 2 computers and an intercom), the seating area, a vending machine, and the elevator shaft which houses the working elevator. The elevator is raised and lowered using a winch at the top of the medical center.

The second floor is divided into 3 main areas: the cafeteria, the Intensive Care Unit, and the doctor's office. The café sells coffee and other small sweets available for staff and visitors. The ICU has a large bed with an IV poll next to it. Around the ICU you can find many different monitors, and a television for the patient. The doctor’s office is for checkups and small emergencies. There is a large fish tank in the room as well! This tank can be viewed from both inside, and outside the office. Along the wall is a bed with the final IV pole next to it. The doctor's desk has tons of drawers and cabinets for medical supplies and paperwork. This room also houses a robot! This robot’s job is to read vitals and deliver medical equipment.

The roof of the medical center has a surprising amount of details, including: the previously mentioned elevator winch, a large fan, lots of antennas, a ladder for accessing the roof, an H-VAC unit, a water main, and the solar panels.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Please be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments! If you want a more in-depth tour, please check out this video!

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