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Pikmin - Candypop Onion

I was watching a Lego set review with my brother when I realized, boom! The ideas started flowing. I knew about this site, Lego Ideas and I checked through some of this communities submissions. Some of them are not super complex which encouraged me to try!

Feedback encouraged! I am not the greatest artist / builder. I actually failed quite a few times in original concepts of this set (I tried many times to remake the ships or even a bulborb) before settling on something more simple!

What is it?
This here is an Onion from the game series Pikmin a sort of real time strategy game where you control an army of these tiny plant like creatures known as Pikmin! In the game, Onions act as nests for your colorful cast of Pikmin!

While Pikmin is a lesser known / popular game, it holds a huge amount of Nintendo nostalgia so hopefully hardcore collectors will want to add this to their collection alongside other sets based on the Nintendo IP, Wherever their imagination goes!

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