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Kirby Car Miniset. (Kirby and the Forgotten Land)


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This is a set about Kirby, specifically Kirby using his Mouthful mode from the latest Kirby game titled "Kirby And The Forgotten Land."
In the set, Kirby is driving down an old; cracked road that has seen better days.

The play features are, moving the tree to make it more visible or less visible, and Kirby can be taken off of the road to be used as a regular toy car.

I built it because Kirby is one of my favorite video game characters and I think that seeing an official Lego set based on it would be pretty cool.

The reason I think it would make a great Lego set is because Kirby is a very popular character and therefore I think that this would be a popular set. Plus as an added benefit it doesn't use very many pieces, (39 to be exact, plus a sticker,) so it would probably be an easily affordable set.

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