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Le Brick Fin


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This is my very first attempt at Studio and creating my own modular building. After building quite a few Creator Expert modular buildings, I had to take a stab at my own.

Le Bec Fin was a very famous restaurant in Philadelphia that essentially set the stage for the urban, high-end foodie scene in the city. My rendering looks nothing like it! But as a Philadelphia-native, I was compelled to have my first modular affiliated with such prestige.

What you see here is a farm-to-table restaurant that's all business on the first floor. It's an updated vintage building with some modern features, like a floating steel staircase, an open-kitchen for patrons to view, and a very rustic family-style table downstairs. As you enter the rooftop, it's a much different scene; live music, a well-stocked bar, a blazing fire pit and ample seating for guests. The rooftop is covered with a white pergola that's a bit overgrown with various colors of vine and ivy to tie it all back to that old warm charm.

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